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Serving Upstate South Carolina including Pickens, Liberty, Easley, Clemson and the surrounding area.

Asphalt Repair Services

As sturdy as asphalt can be, as resistant to UV damage, water penetration, and winter weather as it is, it can still suffer the tests of time. Protective seals fade, leaving them open to the damage that they’re normally safeguarded against and any road surface will start to feel the strain of repeated traffic. For that reason, we help ensure that your asphalt driveways and parking lot investments stand the strains of age. With cost-effective repair and maintenance services, you can extend their lifespan without having to pay for costly replacements.

Sealcoating Services

Are you looking to keep your asphalt pavement in top-notch condition, free of potholes and other surface cracks? The team at Affordable Solutions provides high-quality asphalt sealcoating services at a price you can afford. We’ve helped numerous industries and businesses throughout the upstate extend the life of their asphalt pavement and prevent them from paying for more expensive repairs.