Asphalt Repair Services with Affordable Solutions

When asphalt ages, it gets brittle and starts to crumble. The frequency of traffic combined with the natural elements hitting the surface play a part in the oxidization and degradation of asphalt. Affordable Solutions performs minor asphalt repair services to make your pavement look it’s best.

Repairs such as filling cracks and patching spots are what we do best. Combine that with a treatment of sealcoating, and your asphalt will look better and extend it’s life.

When left unattended, asphalt damage can get much worse, much quicker than you might think.

Crack Repair

Alligator Cracking

Any time there are cracks in your asphalt, your pavement surface is more vulnerable. Water and vehicle fluids get into those cracks speeding up the degradation of your asphalt. Address your cracks as soon as possible to prevent extensive damage.

Alligator Cracking

When the asphalt structure is poor, a compromised base or surface is usually the culprit. Deal with this problem as soon as you see it occur.

Block Cracking

Block Cracking

These types of cracks are larger than alligator cracks. It typically happens when asphalt that is poorly mixed is put down in an area that gets frequent temperature changes.

Locally Owned

Affordable Solutions has been serving upstate South Carolina for nearly 20 years as a local, family owned business. Our customers range from individual homeowners to businesses and non-profits. To us, you’re not just a customer, you’re our valued neighbor.

Let us give you a free quote today. We offer quality work at value pricing.