Driveway sealing helps prolong your asphalt’s life

Periodic driveway sealing is the key to protecting your pavement from weather and oxidation. Driveway sealing and parking lot sealcoating by Affordable Solutions keeps your asphalt strong and durable against any variable weather conditions in upstate South Carolina.

Commercial asphalt sealcoating and home driveway sealing are our specialties. Contact us today for all your sealcoating needs.

Affordable Solutions recommends sealcoating your asphalt three years after installation and then three to five years later allowing for maximized stability and strength. Thereby it will:

  • Assist in decreasing damage caused by the sun
  • Stop premature deterioration, fading, and cracking
  • Prohibit damage from seeping and moisture
  • Increase your pavement’s life and protect your investment

There aren’t two parking lots or driveways that are the same. The professionals at Affordable Solutions take the time to determine your specific needs and then craft a plan that is best for your situation. Let our expertise ensures you that investment is protected for years to come.

Your pavement is under ongoing attack from heat, water, UV rays and other damaging substances such as oil and gas. Regular driveway sealing by Affordable Solutions helps prevent deterioration and damage. Let our professionals handle all your sealcoating needs!