Asphalt Repair Company In Pickens SC

Asphalt repair isn’t easy. It requires special tools and skills to properly remove cracks, holes, potholes, bumpouts, or seams when patching asphalt. When asphalt repair is needed for parking lots, sidewalks or driveways, we provide quality service at an affordable price. Asphalt driveway repair may not be an emergency, but if you’re walking on the asphalt in bad weather or on uneven pavement, not having asphalt repaired can turn into disaster fast.                        

Why is the surface of my driveway cracking up?

With normal rain and exposure to the elements, your driveways surface breaks down immediately after installation. Asphalt driveways are made from compacted tar and gravel, and when it rains or snows and then gets dried out, it causes surfaces to generate cracks. If your driveway has small cracks on them, it is still fine to use it, unless you are really worried about safety.

Sometimes you will see little cracks appearing on asphalt that might look small, but they turn into bigger dents or holes. If this happens, it means that you are experiencing large structural problems. So, to be safe, you should contact an asphalt driveway repair expert if even one of these small problems arise.

Replace potholes and damaged asphalt

Even though you haven’t found cracks deep enough to require replacing anything, you still need to fix damaged potholes and cracks. This will let traffic flow easier or people walk more safely and cut down on the chances of further damage to your driveway or roadway.

Preventive maintenance is always going to be your best avenue to prevent costly asphalt repairs. When the time comes to do repairs, it pays to do them right. Affordable Solutions provides you with quality work at an affordable price.

We at Affordable Solutions are happy to provide pricing on all your pavement repair needs in Pickens, Oconee, or Anderson Counties in South Carolina. Contact us today! Call today and let us give you a free quote! 864-506-4053