What you need to know before hiring a contractor to perform asphalt repair

You need to have good asphalt. After all, your driveway, sidewalk, road and other areas are going to be under extreme stress. This stress can take its toll on these surfaces.

Why should you hire an asphalt repair professional?

So that you do not have to deal with asphalt problems on your own, you should hire an asphalt repair professional. Contact these professionals so that you can get good advice and help. They can give you a good idea about where the underlying problems are and what they will need to fix these problems. They will give you tips on making your parking area, driveway, sidewalk, or road last for a long time.

What does an asphalt repair professional do when they evaluate your surface?

Every asphalt surface has different needs, so before you get started on your asphalt repair project, your contractor will evaluate the current condition of your driveway or parking lot. Here are a few things to look for in a few easy steps:

  • Search for cracks, potholes, and other signs of pavement irregularities.
  • Look over the asphalt surface to see if you can find oil and gas stains.
  • Touch the asphalt surface to see if it’s smooth or rough.

Asphalt Repair Methods


Your surface might just need a layer of seal coat to extend it’s life. Your contractor will let you know the best steps to take to keep your asphalt in top shape.


The patch is an asphalt base repair, and it is placed onto existing asphalt. A patchwork repair will be placed over existing, rough, and damaged. In addition to patchwork repairs, there are other techniques and methods a professional contractor might employ.

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