Driveway sealcoating near me

Why You Can Stop Searching Online for Driveway Sealcoat Services

Over time, a residential or commercial asphalt driveway breaks down from exposure to the elements. A driveway sealcoat creates a shield against these forces. Yet, many people don’t even know where to start to procure sealant to coat their driveways. Those who want a professional to handle the job often wonder “how can I find affordable, high-quality driveway sealcoating near me?” because they’re uncertain about the type of company that handles a sealcoat project. They don’t know if they need to seek a driveway installer or a construction firm.

Before you continue with any type of online search using keywords like “sealcoating near me” or “driveway sealing near me,” it’s important that you learn more about asphalt sealant projects:

Asphalt Driveway Basics

Your driveway contains a lot of mixed materials, such as rock, gravel, sand and other fillers, and a substance that binds these materials together. Depending on a variety of factors, a high-quality driveway made of asphalt usually has a lifespan of approximately 15 years. A sealcoat applied every two to three years helps makes certain that your driveway lasts as long as expected.

Common Damaging Forces

Many people start searching “driveway sealcoating near me” without understanding even why they need a sealcoat. The materials in their driveways break down faster when exposed to wind, rain and UV light. Chemical products commonly used near driveways, including oil, carwash detergents, insecticides and herbicides, cause breakdown as well. Applying pressure and friction to an asphalt driving surface day after day, year after year with vehicles, seasonal equipment and even exercise activities also causes surface wear.

Picking the Right Solution

Professionals who specialize in providing sealcoat services for home and business owners who commonly perform “driveway sealcoating near me” searches online know that sealcoating is a more than effective solution for blocking out the elements and protecting against wear. A sealant, when applied correctly to the surface, flows into every crack, crevice and pore without leaving any area untouched or unprotected. They typically advise against DIY application of sealant products. Someone who doesn’t have enough experience might pick an inferior product or unevenly apply the coating and miss some spots in patches entirely, which eventually leads to erosion in these areas and water flow under the driveway or plant growth.

Other Valuable Sealcoating Perks

Sealcoating does a lot more than create a shield. Consider these other great advantages of using driveway sealcoat:

  • It binds together particles on the surface to prevent further deterioration in minor damage areas.
  • It prevents weed growth and the need to use damaging herbicides on the driveway.
  • It gives asphalt an attractive dark gray appearance that eliminates the natural dull look of dry asphalt and fade from UV exposure that happens over time.

Home and business actually improve the value of their properties by increasing curb appeal. Business owners can even increase their revenues and brand reputations with something as simple as the application of a quality sealcoat. A faded parking lot that displays signs of deterioration makes many people think again about stopping at a business because they associate these signs with bad businesses and dangerous and crime-ridden shopping areas. The sealant makes their storefronts and parking lots look clean and appealing to potential customers.

Driveway Sealcoating Near Me

At Affordable Solutions, our team is proud to offer budget-friendly sealcoat options to our neighbors in Pickens, South Carolina. You don’t need to search online using “driveway sealcoating near me” or other keywords to find sealing solutions. Our experts apply the best sealcoat available currently on the market in a quick and efficient manner. We also offer asphalt repair services in case areas of a driveway need maintenance before sealant application. For more information or a free quote, call us today at 864-506-4053