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How Much Is Driveway Resealing?

Driveways are among the main features of a home or a business premises. However, it becomes cold, cracked, and could get potholes over time because of exposure to weather conditions like snow, sun, and rain.

Sealcoating is one of the best and most effective ways to make it look new again and increase its life. Sealcoating is the process of adding a layer of sealant over the existing driveway.

One of the biggest things people think about sealcoating is the cost. Unlike many people believe, it is an affordable process, with the national average being $305. Typical prices range between $176 and $444. The least you can pay is $110, and the highest is around $1,230.

The driveway sealing cost usually includes labor and material costs, plus charges for any additional services. Some of the factors that affect driveway sealing cost include:

The company you choose

Different companies have different prices and discounts depending on their experience, materials, equipment, and employees. If you are in Pickens, South California, Affordable Solutions has some best driveway sealing prices.

As the name suggests, their prices are affordable to all their clients, but that does not compromise the quality of the service provided.


Most companies charge per square foot, with the average labor cost per square foot being around $1.15 and material cost being between $30 and $190 per 500 feet. You might also find a company that charges per hour, which means that the larger your driveway, the more time it will take to complete, and the more expensive it will be.

At Affordable solutions, we first measure your driveway’s width and length before determining how much we will charge.

Prepping work

Before resealing your driveway, we need to ensure that it is clean for the sealant to adhere properly to the surface. Therefore, if the driveway is not in the best condition, we must clean and remove any overgrown grass or plants across the edges.

We also have to fill in and repair any cracks and potholes on the surface for a uniform finish. The more work we have to do before they start applying the sealant, the higher the driveway sealing cost.

Accessibility of the driveway

How easy will it be for the professionals to access and seal your driveway? If your driveway is flat, it is easy for them to apply the sealant and drag it across for a uniform finish. However, if your driveway is slanted with many bends, it will take them more effort and time, meaning higher driveway sealing costs.

The sealant might slide down the slope, making it hard for them to control it and build it up. Also, it is more difficult to cover all the corners and bends.

Extent of damage

Some people reseal their driveways because they want them to remain new and shiny. However, others reseal it to help cover cracks and potholes.

When a driveway has a lot of damage, it takes a lot of sealants to get a clean, new, and uniform finish. It also takes a lot of time and labor, which increases the driveway sealing cost.

Type of sealant

There are different types of sealants you can choose from to reseal your driveway, depending on the finish you want and your budget. Fast-drying is one of the most common because of how quickly people use their driveways after resealing. It costs between $30 and $85 for a five-gallon bucket which goes for about 450-475 square feet.

Asphalt emulsion is more eco-friendly and durable than the fast-drying sealant. It costs between $85 and $100 for a five-gallon bucket or around $550 for a 55-gallon bucket.

Coal tar is another popular option because of its resistance to stains. It is, however, not environmentally friendly because of the carcinogens and pollutants it emits. Its five-gallon bucket costs between $37 and $45 and covers between 500 and 600 square feet.

Latex acrylic is the most pricy, going for between #20 and $20 for every square foot or between $100 and $110 for the five-gallon bucket.

The consistency of the sealant also determines how much you will use and how many coats you will need. Thicker sealants cover a smaller area because they are harder to spread, but their coverage is more durable and needs fewer coats.

On the other hand, watery sealants are easy to spread, which means they cover larger areas, but their coverage is usually not the best. Therefore, you need more coats. Thicker sealants are a good option for more damaged driveways, while watery ones are good if you only want to rejuvenate the driveway and give it a newer, cleaner look.

At Affordable Solutions, we have different types of sealants in different quantities, and our employees will advise you on which is the best depending on the size and condition of your driveway.

Additional work

If you need more work done after the sealant is on the surface for more curb appeal, it will increase the driveway sealing cost. Some additional works include getting fun designs stamped on the sealant, dying the sealant in different colors, or getting additional pavers around the driveway perimeter.

Before calling a resealing company, compare different companies and their driveway sealing costs. At Affordable solutions, we give you a quote that includes the prices for labor, material, and any additional services you want.

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