Sealcoating Companies Near Me

Sealcoating is the application of a protective layer on asphalt-based pavements to achieve a flexible, all-weather, and durable pavement surface. At Affordable Solutions, we offer this service at a cost-friendly price. Read more to learn the basics of seal coating and why you should hire us to seal coat your pavement.

Seal Coat Definition /Description

A seal coat is a surface of sprayed-on asphalt, followed by a thin clump cover, specific matter composed of geosynthetic substances, recycled concrete, slag, crushed stone, gravel, or sand. The resulting coat is all-weather resistant, flexible, and durable.

sealcoating companies near me

Types of Sealcoating

There are several types of sealcoating applied on pavements and such surfaces. Below is a listing and detailed section of the most reliable types of seal coating.

  • Acrylic
  • Fast-Dry
  • Oil-based seal coating
  • Asphalt Emulsion
  • Coal Tar Emulsion


Acrylic seal coating is the most expensive type of seal coating. Despite being expensive, it is durable, all-weather, and UV resistant. It is a water-based seal coating and is available in different colors. This color advantage makes acrylic seal coat preferable for shopping mall parking lots and tennis courts. It has a life cycle of up to seven years, depending on traffic.


Fast-dry seal coating cure in less than an hour. They are used for large parking lots and by road crews. We do not recommend Fast-Dry seal coating for homeowners because it is bought in large quantities and is quite expensive.

Oil-based Seal Coating

This type of seal coating does not have as many advantages as the rest. It takes longer to dry(upto one week), and it has a distinct odor that lasts for days. At Affordable Solutions, we do not recommend this type of seal coating.

Asphalt Emulsion

Asphalt emulsion seal coating is recognized for its dark color capabilities. We recommend using Asphalt emulsion in most cases, especially where coal tar emulsion cannot be used. However, asphalt emulsion fades over a short period.

Coal Tar Emulsion

This is our most preferred seal coating for your pavement. Coal tar emulsion is excellent in protection and durability. Coal tar emulsion is not petroleum-based thus resistant to pollutants such as motor oil, gasoline, UV light, or water. The only disadvantages of the coal tar emulsion seal coat are health and environmental issues.

Benefits of seal coating your asphalt pavement /asphalt-covered surface and looking for sealcoating companies near me

The following are reasons why you should hire us to seal coat your pavement or other asphalt layered surface.

  • Sealcoating your pavement saves you money in the long run. If you maintain your asphalt surface, it will have an extended life cycle and reduces the number of repairs you need
  • Seal coating protects and prolongs the life cycle providing a protective coat to prevent harmful UV rays, water, and vehicle fluids from penetrating and damaging the Asphalt layer.
  • Seal coating gives your pavement a new and fresh appearance because the asphalt layer of pavements fades over harsh seasons and weather.
  • Seal coating is also excellent during winter because it speeds up the melting of ice and snow on the pavement surface, thus preventing the severe repercussions of snow and ice.

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Reasons Why We are Your Best Option for Seal Coating in South Carolina

Below are a few reasons why we are your best seal coating company option.

  • Our costs are pocket friendly.
  • Our company employs experts who are well experienced in the job
  • Before we apply the seal coating, we clear dirt and debris from the asphalt surface
  • We also emphasize filling potholes, cracks before we apply the seal coating
  • Lastly, we permanently remove all the vehicle fluids such as oil or gasoline that might have been spilled on your Asphalt surface


Hire us for proficient seal coating services in South Carolina, including Pickens, Liberty, Easley, Clemson, and the surrounding area. We are your choice when looking for sealcoating companies near me.