Sealcoating with Upstate Affordable Solutions

Asphalt is a great product until it starts to break down. Sealcoating, also known as pavement sealing, is the process of applying a protective coating to provide a layer of protection from the elements (water, oils, and UV damage).

Before and after of a courtyard in Pickens.

Sealcoating is great wherever asphalt is used and is a smart choice for pavement preservation. You can use sealcoating for driveways, parking lots, “black top” playgrounds, roads, and more. The sealcoating is usually less than 25 mm thick once applied. The surface may be primed, consist of granular base, be made of asphalt or be made of portland cement concrete pavement.

Sealcoating should be performed every 2-3 years to keep your foundation firm and attractive. It is best performed when the air temperature is 50 degrees or more. Therefore Spring, Summer, and Fall are the best times in upstate South Carolina.

Upstate Affordable Solutions uses some of the best products on the market including SealMaster® products, one of the world’s largest manufacturers. We use a sand and latex in the seal to harden and suspend the sand for a stronger finish. It also helps to correct pavement flaws.

Some of the benefits of sealcoating include:

Sealing of tiny cracks and surface voids preventing elements from penetrating and causing further breakdown of the asphalt.

VOC emissions are lower than traditional asphalts.

Doesn’t require high temperatures therefore making it more environmentally friendly.

Why Does Asphalt Pavement Break Down?

If you don’t regularly sealcoat your pavement, it will deteriorate quickly. The “glue” that holds the asphalt together oxidizes and breakdown due to the elements immediately after it’s installation. Then water enters into your pavement causing further damage and breakdown. Other elements that break the pavement down includes oil, gas and salt. When the surface is gray and dull, it’s getting worn out and will benefit from a sealcoat.

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